Winter Appreciation Meals

Please see link above: To sign up and for more details.

Staff Appreciation Meals will be from Mon., Dec. 3rd – Fri., Dec. 7th.

Items can be brought to either the Teachers Workroom , Bryant’s Classroom Kitchen on the Main Campus, the IB Workroom in the IB Building or the Dabbs Campus (Technical Academies).


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JCATD Presents:


Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn Fundraiser
The following is the TOP STUDENT SALES PRIZES!
1st Place: AMC Theater Gift Card ($30 value)
2nd Place: Starbucks Gift Card ($20 value)
3rd Place: Chick-fil-a Gift Card ($10 value)
Krispy Kreme Donut & OJ  Party for winning First Block!

The Shades Valley High PTSA and Double Good Gourmet Popcorn Company have teamed up for this one month fundraiser. With 50% of each item sold going directly back to our school! This is a ALL campus fundraiser!

This and upcoming fundraisers will be put towards all programs on the SVHS/JCIB/SVTA campus throughout the school year. We are many schools, but one campus!

The fundraiser will run from October 8, 2018 to November 9, 2018. Deadline to have ALL funds and brochures back to 1st Block teacher is November 9, 2018.

Make sure that checks are made out to Shades Valley High PTSA.

The items will be available to pick up before the Winter Break to give to the purchaser. (Or Maybe even sooner.)

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General PTSA Meeting

PTSA General Meeting

Monday, Oct. 15th @ 6pm

In School Library

Bus Drivers Needed!!!!

Shades Valley in Need!


Membership Drive @ Home Games starts Sept. 28

  • Ok you pay your taxes but budgets at every school are tight. Money raised in school fundraisers is often used to pay for those little extras that can make a school a bit special be it an interactive whiteboard or a school trip to the theatre.
  • Knowing that they can (within reason) predict a certain level of fundraised extra income each year will allow your school bursar or headteacher to plan an effective and realistic budget
  • Helping at PTSA fundraising events helps you get to know your kid’s teachers better and understand the way the school works and all the problems, challenges and joys they find in their work.
  • By joining the PTSA you have the chance to promote and enhance your school’s standing within your local community and with school inspection teams.
  • Although occasionally embarrassed (watch older kids squirm as you talk to teachers and other parents) most children do actually like to know that you are there for them, taking an interest and sharing their experience.
  • Talking to other parents helps you and them. As we all find out, kids don’t come with instructions. No sooner do we feel we have learned to deal with one thing and there is something else to address. Sharing experiences and parenting tips helps us all. Often this is as simple as knowing the ratio of ‘incidents’ and problems in other households. “Phew maybe we’re not a ‘problem family’ after all!
  • If you work it out the commitment is not too much. The occasional evening meeting and the odd summer fete or other school fundraiser.
  • Everyone has different talents and skills they can bring to the parent teacher association. The best PTA/PTSA’s are inclusive and find ways of incorporating all the different things that people can offer. Be that a fantastic cookie recipe for a bake sale, an ability with something like graphic design or computers or the commitment to run the weekly football training. Similarly parents are a great interface between the school and the ‘outside world’. Very handy for soliciting raffle prizes, sponsorship other gifts in kind or professional help.
  • Its actually quite fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves at the school dance or prom night. Isn’t this what its all about – part of the whole parenting package!

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Art Trip to Italy!!!!

Dear Globetrotters,

Thank you for attending my meeting this week. I am so excited for our trip to Italy ! I wanted to send a quick follow up email with information on how to enroll.

  1. All that is needed to enroll (and lock in the price of the tour) is a $95 deposit.
    1. $260 for manual payment plan
  2. There are two ways to enroll:
  1. Online using our tour website:
  2. Over the phone: 1-800-665-5364.
  3.          EF’s Traveler Support Team is open for enrollments and questions Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 4:30 PM CST.
  1. We have 10 spots available on our tour and those spots are first come, first served.
  2. Enrollments are being accepted until Sept. 30 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I look forward to traveling with you!


Jill Ritchey

Art Teacher
Shades Valley Visual Arts Academy
Art Club/NAHS Sponsor

Shades Valley High School 
[email protected]



JV and Freshman Football Schedule


JCATD Presents “Working”

The Musical “Working” Performances

 Sept. 6-8 @ 7:30 pm  & Sept. 9 @ 2:30pm in the SVHS Theatre

Tickets available:

Adults $12

Students $7




Open House

Thanks for an AWESOME Open House!



Think before you:


JV/V Volleyball 2018-2019 Schedule



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August Newsletter
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